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Facts About Facial Moisturizer For Acne Prone And Oily Skin

Facts About Facial Moisturizer For Acne Prone And Oily Skin

Experts say that skin care is basically doing three things – cleanse, tone and moisturize. The concern however is the last step – moisturize. Will this be beneficial or harmful for acne prone and oily skin? Facial moisturizer for acne prone skin is beneficial provided you know the right choice of product. You can never go wrong in taking care of your skin if you know your skin care regimen and that includes a facial moisturizer for acne.

What kind of moisturizer should I use if my skin is acne prone? This is a very common question from people with oily facial skin. Moisturizer is a must in keeping your skin smooth and glowing. The moisturizer hydrates your skin, supplies your epidermis with water and prevents wrinkle formation. Even if your skin is oily, you can use facial moisturizer. Use the water-based preparation. Oil-based moisturizers are for dry skin.

The basic credo when choosing your facial moisturizer is to read product labels carefully. Do not pay attention to the price. Not all expensive moisturizers deliver good results. Even the cheap ones can be effective.  And do not be afraid to try different brands – until you find the right one for your skin.

Facial moisturizers can be in the form of lotion or cream. Users sometimes complain that the skin feels heavy after application of facial moisturizer.

Tips on the proper use of facial moisturizer for acne prone and oily skin

  1. Cream facial moisturizers give a heavier feel on the skin. So if your skin feels heavy after application of the facial moisturizer, use the lotion formulation.
  2. Use a water based lotion for your acne prone and oily skin.
  3. Use non-comedogenic moisturizer. This will cause less clogging of the pores, hence less chances of breakouts.
  4. Use a fragrance-free moisturizer since fragrances can irritate the skin. Take note that unscented is not the same as fragrance-free.
  5. Avoid using moisturizer with exfoliating ingredient when you are under topical treatment. Exfoliating ingredients can irritate your skin.
  6. Do not apply too much moisturizer on your facial skin. The recommended method of applying moisturizer is to apply initially a pea size amount, spread lightly using your finger tips.
  7. To avoid the heavy feel on your facial skin, apply the moisturizer on a damp skin.
  8. Dilute your moisturizer with a drop of water, then apply on your skin. If you are using cream facial moisturizer, place a small amount on your palm, add few drops of water, mix and apply on your face. This will lighten the feel.

Even if the skin has breakouts, facial moisturizer acne should still be used, provided the type of moisturizer is properly chosen. There are moisturizers that can give great benefits even to acne prone and oily skin.